Why I Love Tea

No, it's not coffee. You're not going to get a caffeine rush. What you are going to get is; flavor. As well as health benefits, that I won't bore you to death with, so we'll skip that this time. 

In a day and age where tea isn't the popular drink it once was, the market still continues to grow. Meaning, there still a lot of you enjoying it as much as I do. 

But why?

Why do we prefer tea?

Well, and this is just my opinion, I believe it's the way we go about drinking tea. It's much more than ordering a cup to go, drink it on our way to work, blowing on it so it'll cool, and yell at the person in front of us in traffic because we're going to be late. 

It's the experience. 

The brewing your own water your favorite teapot, grabbing your choice of tea and putting it in an infuser, or whatever method you prefer. Then, we sit down and enjoy the cup of tea.

It's our "me time," if you will. 

Look, I love coffee too, this isn't a this versus that debate. I'm sure there's people who enjoy the process of making coffee as much as we do tea. It's just coffee hit the main stream as the "on-the go drink." Thank you, Starbucks. 

For us tea drinkers, it's more than the quick grab and go, it's the experience we get when steeping our favorite tea. 



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