5 Amazing Facts About Tea

We love drinking tea for the warm feeling it gives us, as well as the delicious tastes it provides. 



But, have you ever sat down and thought about the benefits your taking in when you enjoy a nice cup of tea. 

Let me fill you in on some incredible benefits tea has!

1. Antioxidants. 

We hear this word quite a bit. Particularly when it comes to healthy fruits and vegetables. Well it is also found in your favorite tea. 

Antioxidants help keep the body younger and also balance out the free radicals that are in our blood!

2. Lower Blood Sugar

Properties that are found in tea have been shown to reduce blood sugar. 

3. Brain Health & Mood

There have been studies that show that tea alters the waves in the our brain in a positive manner. Drinking tea allows us to relax and attain better focus. 

4. Contains ZERO Calories

While, this is personal preference on what is added to your tea, it contains zero calories. It's a great way to enjoy your favorite tea, hot or cold, and not consume calories, if you're someone who is looking out for calories. Also, its a delicious alternative to water.

5. May Reduce Risk of Heart Attack 

A molecule found in green tea, could have the potential to break plaque that has been built up in blood vessels.

Next time you're enjoying a cup of tea, remember the benefits you're also consuming. You might even want to go for a second cup! 

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